About Us

Who we are

  • How many times has it happened, where you had a desire to go out, but you didn’t know where to go?
  • How many times has it happened, where you find yourself in a bar, but you're not feeling the ambience there? You want to change the place, but you're not sure where to go?
  • How many times has it happened that you are in a great mood but the bar is closing, and you are not quite ready to go home?
  • How many times has it happened that you go from one bar to another with the hope of finding a better place with a livlier ambience, but instead you find yourself in a bar with a poorer atmosphere, and you see your ex-girlfriend in the corner glaring at you?

Admit it, it happened to the best of us. So we decided to take advantage of the expanding use of modern technologies in order to save our, your and others valuable time. Lets enjoy with friends, instead of wasting time on finding a place to go to.

That's why we came up with the idea to start BarVibe service and create a mobile app for the operating systems iOS and Android, and make it easier for all of us to find a place which will suit us best at the given moment.

BarVibeis an online service that has been made with a view to facilitating an exchange of video content made in bars.

On the Web you can find a lot of services about bars. You can find comments from the people who have visited them, as well as photos, and various food and drink promotions. But nothing offers you a bar's atmosphere at any given moment.

That’s what makes BarVibe different from others. BarVibe shows the amount of the ambience at a given time in a particular bar.

We agree with the fact that other web sites are useful, but we think it is much more effective and useful if a service (BarVibe) collects all of the videos (made in bars), so that users could more easily find a bar to their taste and the current mood.

At our service (BarVibe) we do not divide bars to more and less popular to those who are the winners and who are the losers, to those which we like or dislike; to us bars are just different.

Land is a land… but each is different

Human being is a human being… but each is different

Air is an air… but it’s still different

The same way bar is a bar… but each is unique in its own way

BarVibe is a service or you can easily say community where all the people who like different bar cultures can share their experiences with other people

Our slogan is "Enjoy bar culture, share bar experience"

In order to make our wish come true and make an easier search for a bar that fits our taste, all of us who enjoy in different bar cultures should upload short videos (minimum 5 sec / maximum 15 sec.) to BarVibe service. Our service will sort your videos by the city and the neighborhood from where they were uploaded, but also by the name and type of bar. This way we will reduce the time we devote to the search and have more time to enjoy and have fun in a bar.

A very important thing in the operation of our services capabilities is that if you use BarVibe in the hope that you will find a bar that fits you best, be fair and place the videos from the bars that you visited, because maybe someone else is looking for such a bar excaclly in this moment.

Enjoy bar culture, share bar experience

BarVibe Team

How it works

Using our service BarVibe is very simple. By viewing the content shown below, you can find out just how easy this service works. In just a few steps, you can share with others video clips from the bars you’ve visited, and you can find the bar you've been searching for.

  • Step # 1- Download BarVibe application from web or visit our webpage and register.
    (Application is available for Android operating system)
  • Step # 2- Create your account on BarVibe app or
    (You can make your account through the website or application. Very soon you will have an option to directly connect to your account through your facebook or twitter account)
  • Step # 3- Create your short video clip through BarVibe android app. and upload.
    ( Very soon available for ios operating sistem)

    Before app. approves your video clip, our service will ask you to do few things.
    1. On your screen you will have option of clicking one of few bars, (one of them will be the bar where you are at that moment). Choose the bar where you are and press OK button.
    2. After first step is successfully completed, the app. will ask you to choose in which type of bar are you located. (Cocktail bar, sports bar, lounge, club, etc.) in your opinion. After selecting the type of bar, press OK. button.
    3. After both previous steps are successfully completed, you will see on your screen “Share bar vibe” button, press the button and your video clip will be uploaded to our service and visible for the rest of the world.

    You must be present at the bar from where you want to upload the video. If you are not actually present, the server will show you an error, (Error 2314: GPS doesn’t match) and you will not be able to post your video.

When your video clip is already uploaded will be sent on three addresses.

  • Wall page - Wall page is basically our home page where all most recent video clips from all different bars are posted. Every single city and neighborhood has their own wall page. All videos posted on the wall will be visible for 45 min. (Time is measured from the moment when video clip is made). Wall page provides users of the different settings and ambience's from the bars in their neighborhood.
  • Bars (Every single bar will have their own profile) page - Bars page is the page that represents a certain bar from where we uploaded our video clips. Bar owners don't own pages on BarVibe. That means they can’t select which videos can be uploaded.
  • Profile (your profile) page - Each user has their own unique Profile page. On “Profile page” you have a variety of options offered to you. You can find your “My posts” (the posts that you post most recently), Viewed posts” (Your most viewed video clips), “Favs” (video content that you have downloaded from the wall page) and much more… All video clips on your profile will stay until you decide to remove them. “Your profile belongs only to you”. As we said before that BarVibe is service where you can easy share your video clips made in bar, we offer to you a “Share” button which you can find on every single video posted on BarVibe service. (You can share your favorite bars with your friends on facebook and Twitter)

All videos that do not violate BarVibe terms and conditions will be posted and they will stay on the bar page until BarVibe team think that they are helpful or users who posted them decide to remove them from BarVibe.